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Developed website.

Outright Sale or no risk lead generation opportunity.

Upper Case: CRANEHIRE.co.za
Lower case: cranehire.co.za
Domain age: June 2006 registration
Website age: Archive.org listed since 2011 https://web.archive.org/web/*/cranehire.co.za
Platform: WordPress
Included in Sale: Domain name, website and all content (additional portfolio of 12 domains names)
Inquiry volumes: 180/month average over past 3 years
Traffic source: 55% organic search 16% referrals, 8% direct navigation (Google analytics verifiable)
Expenses: Hosting R99.00/month, Adwords small amount for Cape Town market, Other advertising R0.00

Established website which is archive.org listed since 2011. Website receives crane hire inquiries on a daily basis.

Cranehire.co.za is very well indexed and ranks on the first page of Google including Google Maps verified for numerous search terms including crane hire South Africa, Crane hire Johannesburg and many long tail keywords.

Cranehire.co.za produces unsolicited requests for quotations on a daily basis for rigging, crane truck hire and mobile crane hire.

For any new or existing crane hire business, the acquisition of the domain name and website www.cranehire.co.za will instantly place the business in a dominant position.

Please contact us for stats and inquiry numbers for cranehire.co.za

Price: $195 000.00


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