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Transaction process

Contact us at Tel: +27 10 492 7370 or +27 76 422 5456

Once you have selected a domain name and we have agreed on a price, the payment and transfer process is as follows.

  1. Payment/Escrow options
    Paypal: The shipping information will serve as the Registrant information unless specified. Money clearance is immediate unless specified.
    Accountants Trust Account: As soon as Reggie receives confirmation of receipt of funds from PFE Financial Service, transfer is initiated.
    Bitcoin: A bitcoin payment request is generated and as soon as payment is received, the domain is released to your ownership.
    Escrow.com: The Escrow.com process is followed. Please read the About us page for Escrow fee terms and read the Escrow.com domain sale process info.
    Monthly payments: Under certain circumstances monthly payment of up to 60 months are accepted for the domain name purchase. Change of ownership occurs at completion of payment term. email domains@reggie.co.za or call us on 010 492 7370 to discuss the payment options.
  2. Change of ownership
    Once payment confirmation has been received, the Registrant details are updated at the registrar and the confirmation of this sent to the buyer. Buyer confirms change of registrant and the deal is finalised.
  3. Payout
    Paypal/Escrow.com payment is transferred to South African Bank Account or Money held in Trust by PFE Financial Services is transferred to Reggie.

In the case of a Godaddy transfer (com, net, org domains only) please set up a Godaddy account for an instant push to your account.

For any queries regarding the change of ownersip/transfer process, please contact Reggie.

If you want to make an offer

In the event you wish to make an offer on a name which is less than the price shown, you are of course welcome to do so. Please use the offer form on the domains for sale page or by email to domains@reggie.co.za clearly indicating the domain name you are making an offer on.

It must be noted that the prices shown on the individual domain name pages are prices that the sellers are committed to sell at and the owners of the domain names are obliged to sell at those prices. Sellers are entitled to remove any domain name from the market or to change the price of the domain name prior to receiving an offer. Any accepted offers by the sellers require the payment of the purchase price with 48 hours. Non payment by buyers immediately results in the domain name being returned to “available” for sale and prices may be altered unless an extension is given by the seller in writing.